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Q.  Will your shift knobs fit my car?
A.  For all threaded shift levers, my gemstone shift knobs will thread right on in 60 seconds with a secure metal insert. Of course, we must know the thread size so I can send the correct hardware. But in the last couple of decades car manufacturers have been using all sorts of wacky, non-threaded shift levers. There are adapters available for many of those on a case by case basis. There are even adapters for some of the automatic trans shift knobs to do away with the button on top. Once in a while I have made custom knobs for vecicles with special situations and shifters. It's best to contact me with your year, make and model info. Chances are I know what to do or I can find out.

Q.  Do your shift knobs ever come with a shift pattern etched on top?
A.  Because I can’t predict what car and transmission the gemstone knob will eventually be installed into, I don’t limit the knob to one particular pattern.  Once a knob is listed on the site, it's finished and must be shipped as is. No more work can be done because of the possible risk of damage.  Gemstones are uniquely beautiful and individual and will only be degraded by graphics. My gemstones can be transferred into other cars with different shift patterns in the future and even passed on to the next generation. 

Q.  Can you supply a particular gemstone? What I want isn't on your site.
A.  I have many more gemstones available than what you see listed. I am happy to help you find just the right shift knob. Because of the vast variety available, it is best to contact me directly with particular questions. 

Q.  I saw a certain gemstone shift knob on your site a while ago but lately I haven’t seen another of that same type.  Will you ever have another one?
A.  I always have more gemstones available than shown on the site and more in the works. I am constantly looking for stones that will produce shift knobs of the finest quality and beauty that can be made.  Some are rare and this limits how many and how soon I may list another.  I look at hundreds of rough cobbles before I eventually accept one for trasforming to a knob.  Some are rejected during cutting and polishing.  Only the best make it on my site.   

Q.  I am interested in one of your knobs to use for something besides a shift knob.  How can I mount it to something else?
A.  My shift knobs are complete with a master inserts and thread adaptors that allow them to be screwed onto different size studs. Customers have used my gemstone knobs on power boat throttles, ammo reloaders, walking sticks, even a power chair joystick. One of my knobs could lead many lives, first as a shift knob, later as a display item, next as a topper on a cane, then back again as a shift knob and passed on to the next generation as an heirloom to be used in more, new ways.  They are meant to be displayed, in a vehicle or out of a vehicle, and never stored away or forgotten. 

Q.  Is there going to be any special care needed for my gemstone shift knob?
A. Most gemstones are as easy to maintain as a granite counter top while a few can be more porous and may require some caution. Plastic, leather, wood, and even metal shift knobs are all subject to wear. In general, gemstones, at their softest, will proform better than all of those, and at their hardest will resist wear for many generations.

Some naturally colored minerals and crystals can fade in direct sunlight. Aventurine, Apatite, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, Calcite, Celestite, Chrysoprase, Kunzite, Fluorite, Rose Quartz, and Smokey Quartz are examples. This is not a complete list so it pays to do an internet search by name to check for yourself. I'm not an expert but if I'm asked, I will search an answer for you. The rate of possible fading is different for various stones. It's a good habit and just plain good sense to cover your gemstone shift knob when parked outdoors. Doing that also shields from prying eyes.

Avoid clutching your gemstone shift knob with a handful of keys or tools. Gold jewelry is not a problem but diamond ring settings don’t play well with other gemstones. So just use common sense and be aware of what is in contact with your stone.



Gemstone Names
I try to only use the commonly accepted names for each type of gemstone but sometimes local customs can add a descriptive word to the name type. But I avoid any misleading labeling. Also gemstones of the size I use for my shift knobs can include blends of other natural stone material.  Often, I purposely chose stones with interesting patterns, contrasts and mixes of color.  I’m not a geologist or a gemologist so I don’t use science jargon in my descriptive copy, but I won’t purposefully misrepresent to fool you. 

Finish and Texture
Every gemstone knob has individual properties so some can have a high gloss while others will have a low sheen, satin finish.  Conglomerates of various materials can vary from gloss to satin in some cases. Small "flea bites" may get filled with a drop of resin so they are not distracting to your touch.  Other factors such as weight, size, special details of the stone, I will disclose to the best of my ability.  I strive to supply descriptions and photos so that no flaws are hidden from my buyers.

Color is important, so all photos will be taken in natural light and be true color on the current technology devices that you own. 

Bottom Line
To assure the best buying experience for my internet customers, I will accept returns should you be disappointed for any reason. Shipping charges are third party expenses so they are not refundable.  Refunds or store credit will be issued at the full price paid and I don't play "re-stocking fee" games, etc. Your purchase is risk free because your 100% satisfaction is my primary goal.

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