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I deal with you personally so I don't have a traditional check out where you enter all your private information, etc.

For older classic vehicles with threaded shifters, things are simple. You contact me with the thread size info of your shift lever, I tell you my PayPal I.D., you send the money, I send you your custom gemstone shift knob with the correct threaded hardware.

With late model vehicles things are often more complicated and maybe don't have threaded shift levers. My creations will have to have adapters or be custom fitted. For this reason, you must contact me so I can ask questions and figure out a complete installation process for you. When messaging, please include the year, make and model of your vehicle and anything you may know about the shifter thread or thickness, etc.

My contact info is listed below in the next section.  I look forward to personally helping you get your hands on what is the most exclusive vehicle accessory in the world.



Contact Me

Because my messages are usually filled with information, photos, questions, answers, etc., I use a desktop and not a mobile. You may find that my reples could take a short time until I next check my messages. I often must do a bit of install research on your vehicle in order to reply, also. If you want an instant reply, please don't hesitate to call. My reply could inadvertantly go to your spam box so it never hurts to check.

I may prescribe that we have a phone conversation as the BEST way to avoid 20 questions - 20 messages. You will receive a shift knob and mounting hardware engineered to install in your vehicle as securely as a factory item. Not one-size-fits-all plastic adapters or parts store junk.



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