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Q.  Will your shift knobs fit my car?
A.  Car manufacturers are inconsistent regarding the mounting of shift knobs. They will even vary within the manufacturer’s model line-up.  For manual transmission cars you will have a threaded shifter rod in most cases and be able to provide me with the thread size.  My shift knobs are made with master inserts and then are combined with threaded adaptors that match your application.  There may be shift levers that aren’t threaded that I will be able to help supply or direct you to a supplier of an adapter or alternative mount but that will be on a case by case basis. The best course of action if your shifter is unthreaded would be to cut threads in the shift lever that I will be able to match.  Automatic transmission cars that have a buttonless knob may be threaded and ready to go as is or may need an additional adapter.  If your automatic shift knob is the top or side button, interlock style, there are a couple of special adapters that you can buy that may also work.  If you have installed an aftermarket shift knob in your car in the past, or know of someone who has with the exact same shifter, you should be able to successfully install one of mine.  The more measurements, sizes, pictures and information you can provide, the more I may be able to help.

Q.  Do your shift knobs ever come with a shift pattern etched on top?
A.  Because I can’t predict what car and transmission the gemstone knob will eventually be installed into, I don’t limit the knob to one particular pattern.  Once a knob is sold on the site, it must be shipped as is and not be worked on anymore to limit possible risk of damage.  Gemstones are unique and individual, unlike a cheap plastic knob that can be replaced as easily as a ball point pen.   Also, it would be a shame to mar the beauty of the gemstones with any added graphics.  My gemstone shift knobs can be kept for generations and transferred into other cars with different shift patterns in the future.  They won’t wear out or become obsolete because of a shift pattern.

Q.  Can you supply a particular gemstone? What I want isn't on your site.
A.  I have many more gemstones available than what you see listed. I am happy to help you find just the right shift knob. The stones I select to be made into shift knobs are the most suitable for a number of reasons.  Some stones are too soft to wear well.  Some are only available in small sizes that may be great for jewelry settings but not for cutting and polishing into a shift knob.  There can be a number of factors that cause a gemstone to be unsuitable for a shift knob.  Because of the vast variety available, it is best to contact me directly with particular questions. 

Q.  I saw a certain gemstone shift knob on your site a while ago but lately I haven’t seen another of that same type.  Will you ever have another one?
A.  I always have more gemstones available than shown on the site and have some more in the works. I am constantly looking for stones that will produce shift knobs of the finest quality and beauty that can be made.  Some are rare and this limits how many and how soon I may list another.  I look at hundreds of rough cobbles before I eventually accept one for trasforming to a knob.  Some are rejected during cutting and polishing.  Only the best make it on my site.   

Q.  I am interested in one of your knobs to use for something besides a shift knob.  How can I mount it to something else?
A.  My shift knobs are complete with a master inserts and threaded adaptors that allow them to be screwed onto studs of many different sizes. Customers have used my gemstone knobs on power boat throttles, ammo reloaders, walking sticks, even a power chair joystick. One of my knobs could lead many lives; first as a shift knob, later as a display item, next as a topper on a cane, then back again as a shift knob and passed on to the next generation as an heirloom to be used in more, new ways.  They are meant to be displayed in a vehicle or out of a vehicle and never discarded or forgotten. 

Q.  Is there going to be any special care needed for my gemstone shift knob?
A. There is no one answer for all situations.  Most gemstones can be as easy to maintain as window glass while a few will be more porous and may require special care.  Turquoise, as an example, is a popular gemstone that is advised to avoid contact with cosmetics, skin lotions and perfumes because of the possibility of changing the look of the stone.  I may suggest a cleaner/sealer product be used for some gemstone knobs that will benefit from it.

Products designed for maintaining stone kitchen counter tops may also be used.  If your car is having mechanical work done and exposed to engine grime and grease, you could cover your gemstone shift knob with a cloth bag or an odd sock. That also may be a way to shield it from prying eyes while parked.

Avoid clutching your gemstone shift knob with a handful of keys or tools. Gold jewelry is not a problem but diamonds don’t play well with other gemstones, so use common sense and keep the sparkly side pointed away from the knob.



Gemstone Names
I try to briefly state what is the base material used for each gemstone shift knob.  Usually the names are commonly accepted but sometimes the use of names can change due to local customs.  Also gemstones of the size I use for my shift knobs are likely to include mixtures of other gemstone material.  As a matter of fact, I purposely chose stones with interesting patterns, contrasts and mixes of color.  I’m not a geologist or a gemologist so I don’t put a lot of science jargon in my descriptive copy but I won’t purposefully misrepresent them as something they are not. 

Finish and Texture
Every gemstone knob has individual properties so some can have a high gloss while others will have a low sheen, satin finish.  It is common for the surface texture to vary as the material varies in a single stone.  Because the various materials are natural, there can occationally be natural "flea bites".  The pinhead sized ones I usually ignore and aren’t considered flaws.  If a void is not too large, I may fill it with a dab of resin so it's not distracting if your fingers brush over it.  Other factors such as size, hardness, anything concerning texture or the matrix of the stone will be disclosed to the best of my ability.  I strive to use photos and descriptions so no inclusion or blemish is hidden.

Color is important so all photos will be done in natural light and be true color on a properly calibrated computer monitor.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to be sure that their monitor is calibrated for true color.  But to assure the best buying experience for my custoners, for internet sales, I will accept returns for reasons of color and be as fair as I can be. 

Bottom Line
Should you have a concern contact me within 15 days so I can personally assist you with a return of your undamaged and never mounted gemstone shift knob.  Shipping and insurance charges are third party expenses so they are not refundable.  Refunds or store credit will be issued at the price paid and no games will be played with "restocking fees", etc.

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